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"Krazy" Kez

Facts and snippets about the infamous Warrington Cartoonist that you may or may not find interesting...

1. Kez is the person who put the GIT into SAGITTARIUS and the WIT in TWIT (I just wonder if she put anything in SCUNTHORPE...? Heh, heh, heh!).

2. Kez "worked" (claiming no wages - just travelling expenses) for an English Animation Studio temporarily for 6 months - then had to leave to find a paying job when the studio finally admitted there were no job positions available.

3. Kez was born the same year (and date allegedly) that Lee Marvin's song "Wandrin' Star" (from the movie "Paint your Wagon") was released (released? - escaped is more like it!) on the DECCA record label (45 single).

4. The Crazed Cartoonist was once employed by a Theme Park - and as well as operating rides also doubled as a stiltwalker and giant white rabbit called "Freddy".

5. Kez was once told by a Fine Art Tutor (on being kicked out of college) that "You'll never get anywhere or any kind of qualifications by being a Cartoonist!". Kez has since had some pieces of art exhibited in Italy (twice), England (various places), numerous bits of paid freelance work - and amongst other things has 3 diplomas in Cartoon Art.

6. The infamous cartoonist lives in the wildlands of Warrington (where a cat with a full set of whiskers and an unbroken tail is a stranger in town!).

7. Once upon a time our Cartoonistic comrade worked on the Melt Furnaces and operated Plant machinery in a Molton Metal Recycling Plant. Kez hasn't got a full car driving licence - but is still the proud owner of a R.T.I.T.B. approved Forklift truck drivers licence.

8. Kez likes Japanese Horror Manga - and is a fan of Hideshi Hino's work.

9. One of the most blackest, darkest yet comically insane senses of humour this world has ever known is the property of "Krazy" Kez Gray.

10. In London (in the 1980's) during a torrential downpour - the Scottish Comedian Billy Connolly nicked off with Kez's taxi! (I dare say Kez is still wondering whether he recieved the parcel of rabid man-eating haggis she sent him...?).