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For your entertainment, here are some films (many of them animated) that you may find interesting to say the least!

*Please note: NOT ALL These films are the work of Kez and remain the copyright of their respective creators.

Night Of The Living Democrats by Kez (with lots of help from JIBJAB)

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Anyone remember the ol' horrorflick 'Night of The Living Dead'? Well here's a great political parody of it starring Kez & a few buds!.

Unnecessary Force by Kez (with lots of help from JIBJAB)

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Rob's style of playing PS2 games appears to be kill everything alive or inanimate - which is how THIS parody came about...



"Mahna Mahna" (2007)

Bwaa-ha-haaa! I nearly wet my pants laughing at this version! Someone's enjpyed using their video editing software...

Red Hot Riding Hood

Some wonderful work from another master of animation - it was Tex Avery (if I remember correctly).

Swing Shift Cinderella

I'm not entirely sure - but I think this was the follow-up to Tex Avery's "Red Hot Riding Hood" and guest starred "Wee Bonnie Baker" as the guest singer.

CarnEvil - Haunted House

Does anyone ever remember playing a game in the arcades called "House Of The Dead 4"? Well "CarnEvil" seems similar graphically. Must admit I never saw "CarnEvil" in the British Arcades...must be a USA only thing...pity, I'd have loved playing this one...

Pish Dolls - ACE OF SPADES

Who needs Punch & Judy with an open-air show like this?

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS - It's Not The End Of The World?

A world in a box or a boxed-in world? You decide!

Star Wars Lego - Revenge of the Brick

Amazing what you can build out of Lego bricks these days, innit?

Le Building

Singing in the shower can be hazardous to your health (not to mention the cat!).


An excellent style of animation for the "Chaplin" fans.


And to think that I thought it was just the Shaolin Monks who used that fighting technique...


Next time you consider stepping on a cockroach - just remember this movie.

The Disposable Friend

A warning tale of todays "Fast Fads" and "Throwaway Society"'s a big consumer market out there!

Interesting Johnnie Walker Ad

A nice bit of creative artistry from Johnny Walkers Ad boys!

Thank You Maskman - Lenny Bruce

What a great comedy tribute to the Lone Ranger (although I'm not so sure Jay Silverheels would have thought so!)

Pet Tricks

Do you know where your little Tiddles or Fido is tonight? Let's hope they're not working for Hector...

Scary Mary Poppins Trailer

I always knew there was a reason I didn't fully trust Mary Poppins when I was a's why!

Hilarious Nintendo Acapella Medley

\'s a few blasts from the past! I love the way this is performed!

Japan Culture Lab - Sushi

A neat look at how most "Western cultures" probably view the Japanese.

Mario: Game Over

What would life be like form Mario and Princess Peach in the real world? Here's a different take on things...

Silent Hill Skit

I love Konami's "Silent Hill" series...must admit tho, that the first time I played it (about 2am in the morning) I nearly kacked my pants when a car backfired outside the house...

Real Life Hamster Video Game

Hammy Hamster has come a long way since he starred in "Tales Of The Riverside" hasn't he? (er, I'm ashamed that I actually remember that TV series!).

BAD Baby!

(Good grief - what are the youth of today like, eh?).

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