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Here you will find links to free online games and other games related items. In the 1990s Kez created a game (which is still available for download from The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper page at Baf's guide to the IF archive page). Kez also created a programme for Magic Missle which was called The Twolight Zone - more information about it can be found at: World of Spectrum - Sinclair Infoseek - Search Results

Free Online Games

Play Sudoku Original

Play Jungle Jiggy

Play Quarterback KO

Play Hot Dog Bush

Play Critter Chorus 2

Play Robo Slug 2

Play Rugger Bugger

Play Slap the Nerd

Play Snowboard Stunts

Play Rocket Rescue

Play Rail of War

Play Crazy Pool

Play Crazy Pool 2

Play Puppy Fetch

Play Snow Trouble

Play Romanius

Play Romanius 2

Play Rapid Fire

Play Rapid Fire 2

Play Squirrel Harvest

Play Angel Bothorius

Play Black Ops: Korean Conflict

Play Crazy Chess

Play Mortanoid

Play Hyper Sphere

Play Robo Slug

Play Rooney on the Rampage

Play World Cup Headers

Play Run Ronaldo Run

Play Farmyard Missle Launcher

Play Stealth Hunter

Play Crazy Cube

Play Crazy Keepups

Play Rainbow Web Online

Play Astroflash

Play Blob Farm

Play Deadly Dwarves

Play Clown Killer 2

Play Polar Jump

Play Arcade Lines Online

Play Roman Rumble

Play Freaky Fun

Play Perfect Pizza

Play Tribal Jump

Play Sheriff Tripeaks

Play Cosmic Defender

Game Demos & Sales


Coming sometime in the future - more games by KEZ - watch this space!


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Zenobi Software


The legendary 'Zenobi CD' is now available in a brand-new shiny format - so get in touch if you would like a copy. This time around the games are all in 'TZX' format and as a special bonus the +3 disk versions are also on the CD .. not to mention a vast array of the information-leaflets that used to accompany the originals.£4.99 (Plus £1 Postage & Packing - postage Free In U.K. only)

Free Downloads from Zenobi - click here!


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All types of game downloads, resources & authoring software.