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Rune Readings

Learn how to read the Runes in our simple to follow course.

Each rune stone is described and the meaning of the rune is given followed by the advice that rune gives us if used properly.

How To Proceed:

1. Focus on one question (concerning your professional life, love, a project, etc.). ASK ONLY 1 QUESTION PER DAY (Per subject) AND NOT MORE!

2. Choose 1 rune. Place your mouse on this rune. DO NOT CLICK THE MOUSE. (study the runes for a moment and allow your subconscious to help you pick)

3. While focusing on this rune, pick a number between 10 and 30.

4. Using the rune you picked as number one count in a clockwise direction till you reach the number you chose. This rune represents your answer.


1. I pose a question.

2. I chose the rune, Sigel.

3. I choose the number l7. I begin with the rune, Sigel , and count in a clockwise direction (from left to right) for l7 moves. (Keep in mind that the rune you choose is considered #1). I arrive at the rune, Wyn .

4. With your mouse, click on Wyn and your answer will appear.





















This rune symbolizes the sun. It means victory, fulfillment of your hopes and luck. Energy returns in all areas (professional, love, health, etc.).

Advice: Enjoy it!





















This rune symbolizes fortune. This is a very positive period of material luck. New financial possibilities emerge. It is also a symbol of victory and reward. Difficulties will be controlled.

Advice: Keep what you have in reserve. Persevere and material rewards will come.





















This rune symbolizes earth. It refers to what we sow, and what will soon be harvested. This rune speaks about work, perseverance, and patience. It refers to the natural cycles of earth (sowing and harvesting).

Advice: You are in the right direction. Keep going. Don’t forget that soon you will reap what you sow.





















This rune symbolizes ice. It speaks about obstacles, or a cooling period regarding your contacts with others. At work, expect a decline of your enthusiasm. In love, your relationship lacks passion and ardor.

Advice: For the immediacy, there is a freeze of your plans. Wait for an amelioration of your situation before acting again.





















This rune symbolizes a horse. It means a move, trip or change regarding your professional life. Progress is close by but you need to be open-mined.

Advice: Be ready to take the reigns, adapt and change your horizon. Whether spiritually or physically, you need to move, travel, and discover. Let go of your old habits or problems and go for the new adventure!





















This rune symbolizes joy. Joy will come from your work and through creative endeavors. Joy will be experienced in your love life from sharing emotional and physical pleasures. A change will materialize if you maintain your enthusiasm.

Advice: Use your creative talents and intuition for your projects. Success comes from the pleasure you derive from your actions.





















This rune symbolizes a human being. It suggests that you express your potential for generosity, friendship and altruism. This rune represents your inner qualities that you can use to ameliorate your situation.

Advice: You are powerful over the events. You will find a solution to your problems. The answer lies within you.





















This rune symbolizes partnership (business or love). Also symbolized is peace, sharing, generosity and collaboration at work leading to success. For love, favorable time for union or stable liaison. Love will be given and received.

Advice: Do not hesitate or be egotistical. Success will come from thinking and caring about others.





















This rune symbolizes fertility. It concerns family, birth, marriage, or amelioration of your family life. Regarding health, this rune predicts end of illness and return of health.

Advice: Kindness to others brings an amelioration of your situation. You are at the beginning, but soon the results will be visible.





















This rune symbolizes time. It asks that you detach from the material world. Be patient, careful and strong. You need to reflect and not act.

Advice: A positive frame of mind is very important. Don’t be in a rush to succeed or reach your goal. Don’t precipitate anything. Only time and wisdom will bring success.





















This rune symbolizes imagination. It is a feminine rune, meaning good luck for artistic endeavors. It speaks about your intuition, gifts or imagination. Your hidden and unknown talents will need to be exposed and developed. Work on them.

Advice: Don’t question yourself too much. Go with the flow concerning your deepest desires. Don’t doubt your capabilities.





















This rune symbolizes an arrow that we shoot in an upward direction. Concerning your professional life, it’s time to begin a project, be competitive, conquer, and reach your goal. Concerning your love life, it means passion, sexuality and fertility.

Advice: Be positive at work. Count only on yourself, your energy and desire. Motivate yourself.




















This rune symbolizes destruction. It is like a hailstorm that falls suddenly. It brings a problem and everyday frustration.

Advice: Be careful regarding your plans; you risk unexpected change. Patience and care are needed in order to reach your goal. The final decision depends on others, not on you.




















This rune symbolizes destiny. It is the blank rune. It is the unknowable. The oracle reserves the right not to answer you.





















This rune symbolizes knowledge. It concerns your spiritual and moral development, learning and knowledge. Self-examination is necessary. You will need help or assistance from an expert in the field of concern, serving as an apprentice.

Advice: Study the situation. Focus and reflect on it. Express your desires but do not make hurried decisions.




















This rune symbolizes accomplishment. It means the fulfillment of a project. It is a symbol of fertility, birth, rebirth or achievement. It means the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

Advice: You are close to a new start. Be confident.




















This rune symbolizes secrets. It speaks about hidden emotions or events. It signifies mystery and the revealing of a secret. You will have an opportunity to find someone or something and have a second chance.

Advice: Follow your intuition. The solution to your problems cannot be seen, but can be felt.




















This rune symbolizes material possessions (patriotism, inheritance, money in general, or your professional life). It suggests that you will need to make an effort in order to accomplish or stabilize your situation.

Advice: Expect some difficulties or delays. Patience brings success. Stay focused and don’t spend more than you have.




















This rune symbolizes a trip or voyage. Expect positive news or change. In your professional life, the door opens, allowing your project or plans to materialize. Negotiations will bring new contracts.

Advice: Be ready for a new direction, traveling, and transformation by being open-minded.




















This rune symbolizes protection. You will be protected by someone concerning work, love, etc.. This symbol represents self-confidence and a period of prosperity.

Advice: Positive change coming. Control your emotions and be ready to accept the challenges.




















This rune symbolizes beginnings. This is a time for starting or restarting. If you have health problems, you recover or heal. If concerning your love life, this rune symbolizes a new love relationship, with good times to come.

Advice: This rune suggests that you take action and not be submissive.




















This rune symbolizes determination, evolution and beneficial change, especially in your professional life. You will have to act with increased energy due to new responsibilities. Your capabilities will be tested.

Advice: You have to act with determination and effort in order to achieve major progress and advancement at work.




















This rune symbolizes transformation. This is a very positive rune which brings prosperity and amelioration. It is the light after darkness; health after illness; triumph after adversity.

Advice: You have to seize the opportunity and be positive and serene.




















This rune symbolizes assistance. You will receive positive news, followed by change. However, you will have to make a decision which will require reflection and care.

Advice: Listen to the advice given by others. Take their help and wait for the right time to act. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, abstain for now.




















This rune symbolizes danger that must be addressed and controlled. This is a period of insecurity or difficulties. The desired goal is in front of you. Change the way you see and act in order to achieve it.

Advice: This rune is a warning. You can ameliorate your situation if you change the way you think and the way you act.

















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